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There was something about taking a complex idea and simplifying it for someone to understand, and to make interesting discoveries in a spirit of collaborative teaching and learning, that piqued my interest in teaching. 

Rashida Resario

I’m Rashida Resario. PhD

I am a Lecturer, Researcher, Writer, Homeschool Mom, and a Creative Entrepreneur. But not necessarily in that order.


i believe every student is capable

I believe every student is capable of learning any material so long as there is connection between the student and the material.

comparative theatre and drama


advancing knowledge

The discussion on (mis)representations of black women’s bodies often focuses on their hyper-corporeality and hyper-sexualisation, with little attention paid to the women thus represented and their views.

Digital and platform technologies have long been optimistically celebrated as a way for marginalized creative entrepreneurs, particularly in Africa, to break into global markets and reach unprecedented levels…

Research Interests

My research centers on Creative Industries, Dramaturgy, Intercultural Performance, Mediated Performance, and Gender and Performance.


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